Washington Japanese Language School  Founded in 1958
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 School Office(
School day 9am - 5pm
  A school: 202-657-1138
  H school: 202-531-9628
  S school: 301-760-9862

  TEL: 301-962-7410(Tuesday-Saturday
  FAX: 301-962-7411

 Postal Address:
  Washington Japanese Language School
  P.O. Box 71, Garrett Park, MD 20896
Hot Line
Answering machine about event schedule

 Secretariat   wjls@wjls.org
 Board Members uneiiinkai@wjls.org
 Webmaster   webmaster@wjls.org

Give us a phone whenever absence or late
Snapshot from 「School Life」

WJLS is not a Japanese "language" school but provides supplemental education for children speaking Japanese who live in the greater Washington Metropolitan Area.
WJLS opens on Saturdays.

"Washington Japanese Language School (WJLS) admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin."

 Washington Japanese Language School
 c/o Holy Cross Church, Quinn Hall,
 4900 Strathmore Avenue, Garrett Park, MD 20896

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